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Seat Belt Replacement

Offering an alternative to seat belt replacement for all makes & models and seat belts after accident. 

If your vehicle has been in a crash and whether the airbags deployed or not, the seat belts may be bad! During an accident, the gas charge in the seat belt goes off, resulting in a blown seat belt. Common symptoms may be locked seat belts, rattling noise or retracting slowly. Dealers want hundreds of dollars for replacement seat belts, we can repair them for a fraction of the price. Our company's certified technicians use OEM parts to replace the blown gas charge with a new one. We fully rebuild the mechanism making the seat belt new again. Your seat belt will function like new and is guaranteed to work during an accident. We charge only $65 per seat belt and offer Lifetime Warranty on all orders! All seat belt tensioners, buckles, and retractors can be replaced. Our 24-hour turnaround time allows you to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. With our FedEx return shipping, you will be able to track your order from start to finish. Order today!

  • 100% OEM Parts
  • 24 Hour Turnaround
  • Lifetime Warranty

Seat Belt Repair

Seat Belt Repair After Accident

Seat belt pretensioners contain gas charges that are engineered to go off during an accident to retract. This assures that the passengers buckled in are safely embraced away from the deploying airbag. Once the seat belts go off they will no longer function properly. New seat belts cost anywhere from $150 and can be as high as $1,000 per assembly. We change that with our repair service. Our repair service is safe, fast and affordable. The way it works is simple! Navigate via our website and find the seat belt repair service for your car make (e.g. Honda, Ford, Chevy, etc) and add it to your cart. Be sure you set the appropriate quantity based on the amount of seat belts you are sending in. Then go through our secured checkout and pre-pay for the service. You will automatically receive a receipt in your email. Remove the seat belts from your vehicle, package them securely and ship them to our repair facility located at:


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Great service and wonderful turnaround time! Expected to receive my seat belts a lot later than I did. Ended up saving tons of money by going with them.

David M.

I sent in four Chevy seat belts for repair and I was notified the SAME day that they had been repaired and shipped back to me. Definitely going to send in a lot more seat belts in the future. Thanks.

John C.

Didn't even know my seat belts could be repaired. AMAZED!

Tyler W.