After Accident Help

Airbag Light

Your airbag light may be on if you have recently been in an accident such as rear-ending someone, a fender bender, head-on collision, side crash, hitting a deer, hitting a pot hole, driving into an object, 2 car collision or anything else! This is the very first thing you will notice within your dashboard, identifying that there is a problem. Of course not talking about the actual damage! The airbag light is on because the airbag module, or the computer known as the ECU, ACM or DCU, has recorded data related to the crash. This data is known as crash data or hard codes. All your safety SRS components within the car are controlled by this SRS airbag computer and play a vital role in your safety. Some of the faults that may occur following an accident, include:

  • Airbag deployment/Airbags deployed
  • Clockspring connection fault
  • Impact sensors/Crash sensors fault
  • Seatbelt pretensioner resistance too high
  • Seat belt pretensioner resistance too low
  • Internal error
  • Airbag control module no communication
  • Crash detected

All these codes point to a fault within the SRS components. Before anything can be done, you must fix this by replacing or repairing the damaged parts. While we may not help you with obtaining new airbags, impact/crash sensors and clockspring, but we can help you with your seat belt retracotrs, seat belt pretensioners & seat belt buckles. This is not a seat belt replacement, but a fast and affordable solution. 

Airbag Light Reset

Before you learn how to perform an airbag light reset after accident, it is very important to understand that you must actually address all the issues and replace whatever is damaged and repair the seat belts. This means the deployed airbags will need to be replaced, impact sensors replaced, crash sensors replaced, clockspring replaced and any other SRS components. Once all of the issues are properly addressed and SRS components replaced, you are ready for the last step - the airbag light reset. The airbag light is only an indication that there is a system fault and/or crash data and hard codes stored. Crash data and hard codes cannot be cleared using a regular OBD scan tool. The module needs to be removed and sent in to a facility specializing in SRS airbag module programming (eprom, MCU & other advanced chip programming) such as Safety Restore is our head operation that doest everything from resetting the SRS airbag modules to repairing seat belts. A properly reset SRS airbag module will come back ready to be installed without the need of any additional programming. Prices start at $50 for regular software-resets and $75 for airbag module reset service with hardware problems.