Acura Seat Belt Repair


Acura seat belt repair service after accident. Compatible with all models.

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Accident? Salvage vehicle? Crashed car? Airbag light on? Crash data and hard codes pointing to a faulty seat belt tensioner or retractor? Resistance too high or resistance too low? You are purchasing a repair service to rebuild your locked or blown Acura seat belt after accident. The price is for 1 seat belt retractor, tensioner or buckle. This repair service is compatible with all Acura models, including (but not limited to)

Acura CL seat belts locked, blown, tensioner
Acura CL-X locked seatbelts, blown tensioner
Acura CSX seat belt pretensioner
Acura EL seat belt retractor
Acura ILX seat belt tensioners, retractors
Acura Integra seatbelts, seat belts
Acura Legend seat belt tensioner, retractor
Acura MDX seat belts locked after accident
Acura NSX seat belts locked, blown, tensioner
Acura RDX locked seatbelts, blown tensioner
Acura RL seatbelts, tensioners, retractor
Acura RL seat belt locked, blown seat belt
Acura RLX locked seatbelts, blown tensioner
Acura RSX seat belts, tensioners, retractor
Acura SLX seat belts
Acura TL locked seat belts, blown pretensioner
Acura TSX blown pretensioner, locked seatbelts
Acura Vigor seat belts, locked tensioner
Acura ZDX blown seat belts, tensioners

Our seat belt repair service is an affordable alternative to seat belt replacement saving you hundreds of dollars.

Checkout online and pay for the service. Then mail in your seat belts to:


Questions? Call (800) 547-3067

Upon receiving your seat belts with payment confirmation, your seat belts will be repaired within 24 hours and shipped back via FedEx. A tracking # will be emailed to you.


Acura seat belts are equipped with a pyrotechnic device that ignites in the event of a crash triggered by the airbag module computer. Once deployed, the seat belts will no longer function properly. It is very important to have your seat belts repaired and working safely. All Acura seat belt retractors, tensioners and buckles can be repaired. We use OEM parts to replace the gas-charge and rebuild the mechanism meeting or exceeding the manufacturer specifications. Your repaired seat belt is guaranteed to work during the unlikely event of another accident.